Remnantize offers multiple targeting solutions that can be leveraged on a standalone basis or in combination to maximise your ROI.

With our 3rd generation optimization software, combined with dedicated teams constantly monitoring your campaign, we can truly offer you the highest value for your advertising money spent.

Behavioral Targeting
Remnantize works with almost every major behavioral data company. We can leverage whichever one you choose, combined with in-house behvaioral data to fit your campaign needs.

Demographic Targeting
Remnantize combines internal, third-party registration, and comScore data to provide you with the best demographic targeting solution in the marketplace. At no time, however, does Remnantize use PII to target the user.

Remnantize’s advanced and proprietary ad serving technology allow us to better retarget users from site visits, searches, and creative interaction than ever before. Re-engage users through their entire purchasing funnel.