Remnantize delivers more high-quality prospects for your products and services. How? No other network reaches as many unique visitors on as many high-quality sites directly linked to one discrete network, with access to even more inventory via our real-time bidding capabilities.

When you combine this much scale with our proprietary consumer behavioral data and the industry's most advanced optimization technology, the result is a powerful ability to reach your audience while ensuring you only pay the optimal amount for each impression.

Here are a few facts about our massive reach, which is just one aspect of how we drive display advertising performance:

  • 173MM unique visitors per month, or 79 percent of the U.S. Internet audience
  • Direct relationships with over 1,000 sites that meet our stringent quality criteria
  • 41 billion display advertising impressions per month
  • 593MM unique visitors per month worldwide
  • 50 percent of the comScore top 250 sites

See our Audience Targeting Solutions for more details on how to put our reach to work for you.