Remnantize offers benefits well beyond those of traditional ad networks, enabling you to increase your revenue and grow your business. We are a full-service ad network. This means we get to work with you in every vertical of the media industry and can secure sponsorships for your site if there is a fit.

When you join Remnantize, you become part of a huge network with a reach that is simply unmatched by our competitors. This enables your site to participate in advertising campaigns that previously would have been unobtainable. Aditionally, we encourage our advertisers to offer custom ad programs that can be run on speific sites resulting in a media experience you never dreamed possible.

As a member publisher, you gain access to a robust package of valuable resources designed to support and enhance all your business objectives. Additional membership services include:

  • Best practices guidelines
  • Superior customer service
  • High paying, relevant advertisements
  • Timely net 20 payments
  • Customized, easy-to-use publisher interface
  • Rich networking and event opportunities
  • Network directory listing
  • Business development services